Advanced Pumping Systems

Next Generation Continuous Infusion System



Eliminate flow rate pauses and drop-offs common when push-pull style pumping systems change directions. With this "Next Generation" system, the refilling syringe fills at a faster rate then the infusing syringe, giving it time to prime the syringe and/or overlap the infusion. This creates a near seamless transition between syringes. The infusing pump changing direction, or reaching overlap volume, triggers the paused pump to start infusing.


Simple Continuous Infusion

Simultaneous (Reciprocating) Infusion/Withdrawal

Detailed Description

Basic Continuous Infusion Mode - "Push-Pull" Style


One pump infuses while the other pump dispenses. When the master pump changes direction, the other pump also changes direction. Add a dual pump plumbing kit (Model #P-DKIT) to create a continuous pumping system.



Mixes contents of 2 syringes connected syringe tip to syringe tip. While one syringe infuses, the other syringe withdraws. Then they change directions.


Dual Pumps Mode




Creates a double pump using 2 independent pumps. The second pump copies the operation of the first pump: Start, Stop, Change speed, Change direction.


Alternating Pumps Mode

Alternate dispenses of 2 chemicals. Automatically alternates between 2 pumps. Pump chemical 1 then chemical 2, then repeat.


Continuous infusion using pre-loaded syringes

alternating alt 2

Load pre-filled syringes in Pump 1 and Pump 2. Start Pump 1, then when the syringe is empty Pump 1 stops and Pump 2 automatically starts. Load a new pre-filled syringe in Pump 1, and when the syringe in Pump 2 is empty Pump 2 stops and Pump 1 starts. Then the cycle repeats.


Upgrade to the X Firmware and add the following features:

  • Add a delay before starting next pump
  • Overlap the start of the next pump to create a seamless transition between pumps
  • X Firmware Upgrade FW-1X or FW-5X as required
  • X Firmware Upgrade User Manual

Inverse Linear Constant Flow Rate

Inverse Linear Constant Flow Rate Mode: r1 + r2 = R constant





Maintain a constant flow rate while linearly increasing or decreasing the flow rate of Pump 1, while Pump 2 pumps inversely, linearly decreasing or increasing. The two syringes combine to a constant flow rate.